About Us

IT all began in winter 2005 when our first baby arrived. Like any other first time parents we were excited waiting for the arrival our first baby and expecting those endless nights and crying.

We thought we were ready but turned out we were far from it. Our baby never stopped crying at night and he hardly ever had a proper night sleep. At nights he would not sleep for more than two hours each time. He kept waking up crying and no matter how hard we tried to soothe him, nothing seemed to work. During the daytime, he would sleep for hours. We thought that was a new normal!

A few months went by and we noticed that his skin was always red and inflamed. It was always dismissed as ‘normal’ as a newborn baby was still adjusting to his new environment. Only when he started scratching all the time and his skin bled on scratch marks, we thought this was not right. A quick visit to the paediatrician and dermatologist confirmed that our baby was suffering severe dust mites allergy, not to mention other food allergy as well. We had no idea what dust mites were and that they could cause allergy. We had to educate ourselves really quick. We listened and followed every advice given to us by our dermatologist and we applied this to every aspects of our life since then.

One of the most important advices given to us was that we should never challenge the allergens and that we should always control the environment to minimise allergens exposure. We avoided rooms with carpets, we replaced our upholstered furniture and we used mattress and pillow protectors for our bed and baby’s cot. Daily skin care management had to be adhered and the products we could use on him had to be particular. We made sure that the food we fed him would not challenge his allergy. We had to be very vigilant for so many years, we had our routines and at the end it all paid off.

Our eldest son is now almost a young teenager and his skin could not have been more beautiful. He grew out of his dust mites allergy and all of his food allergies. He is a very active boy and he enjoys his outdoor sporting time every day. Our son is an excellent example that we indeed can manage and live with allergies.

We want to share our experience with other families, this is what inspired the creation of Fern Fabric®.

Fern Fabric® has been individually tested and proven to be an effective barrier against dust mites allergen, waterproof, breathable and durable. Our products are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 approved, independently lab tested in Australia & Overseas.

Fern Fabric® is a proud supporter and gold member of Eczema Association of Australasia.

We use our own Fern Fabric® products at home to make sure they deliver the quality and of high performance. Whether it is a dust mites allergy or Eczema; Fern Fabric® can help alleviate these symptoms over time along with a proper allergy management in place.

Our focus is to provide a complete solution for bed protection and assist other families to manage allergies and to have a good ending story like ours.