Millions of people suffer from Eczema, other allergies and skin condition caused by dust mites.

The house dust mites gets its name from its habitat – household dust. Dust mites thrive in warm and humid environments. Areas around the home that are heavily used, such as beds and upholstered furniture, will have much higher mite populations than the rest of the house. The main component of dust is shed skin flakes, which is the mite’s preferred food source.

More than the mites themselves, their droppings and dead mites debris are the main triggers for allergic reactions. The typical allergen excretes 200 times of its own body weight in faeces. The dust mites’ food digestion happens outside their bodies. The mites secret enzymes and deposit the fungus on dust particles. The fungus then pre-digest the food for the mites. The dust mites’ partially digested food and faecal matter make up one of the most significant resources of irritants.

Typical family or office vacuum cleaners do not have the power to draw out the dust mites or their debris from deep in your bed mattress. Without a proper dust mites & allergen bedding protection, most mattress will contain millions of dust mites and bacteria as it is virtually impossible to clean inside the mattress. To avoid skin contact with allergens, mattresses, quilts, blankets and pillows should be enclosed in fully zipped dust mites and allergen proof encasement, washable at up to 60°C.