Navy Blue Duet Striped Fitted Sheet

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Fern Fabric® Anti-Microbial Fitted Sheets Set has been uniquely crafted to utilise the finest sateen-weaved cotton fibres that have been woven into a very light but dense fabric that is perfect for comfortable sleeping and enhanced with a handsome damask stripe design.

These fibers have been infused with microbial-inhibiting silver chloride to eliminate 99.99% bacteria on contact, which will be activated by the body heat to release millions of silver ions to inhibit the bacteria, mould and odours. Superior 300 thread counts long staple cotton fibers achieve the most comfortable and breathable sleeping surface, so you can rest in a cleaner and fresher environment for longer period.

Perfect for any climate, our sheets stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Designed to last and last, becoming softer and more comfortable with every wash.

Our sheets are recommended for people with eczema, pressure ulcers and night sweats. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties will also decrease allergies because they decrease the proliferation of dampness in your bed. This discourages dust mites, a main cause of allergies, from growing in your sheets.

Fern Fabric® Anti-Microbial Fitted Sheets are designed with adjustable corners to fit up to 42 cm deep mattress to ensure they will always stay firm and you can enjoy your rest. The set comes with a matching stylish pair of anti-microbial pillowcases. Choose the different luxurious colour palette to suit your individual style. Easy care, machine-wash and dry perfect for everyday use.

Layer our linens for a look and feel that’s tranquil and timeless.

  • 100% long-staple cotton
  • Genuine 300 Thread Count
  • Reduce Allergies
  • Decrease the proliferation of dampness in bed
  • Reduce itching and improves quality of sleep
  • Stay cooler in summer
  • Minimise friction with the skin
  • Fitted sheet fits up to a 42 cm gusset

Note: Colours as shown online or in the print catalogue may slightly vary from the actual colours of the fabrics as the process of photography and printing may involves some transitions and changes. The coverlet and fitted sheet combination sets are not changeable however additional colours of anti-microbial fitted sheets are available in stores and online to purchase.

Thread Count Is A Lie -- Here's How To Buy The Best-Quality Sheets

Most people deciding between two sets of sheets would choose the higher thread count. But it turns out we’ve all been duped. There are a maximum number of threads that can fit into a square inch of fabric. Depending on the type of cotton used, that number is generally not more than 400. So there is an awful lot of interesting maths involved in the sheets you see in a department store that can be up to a 1200 thread count.”

Know The “Real” Thread Count

Thread count is the total number of threads per square inch in a fabric (counting both horizontal and vertical threads). In theory, the higher the thread count, the softer and higher-quality the sheets. But brands nowadays are counting multi-ply threads, which can lead to higher, erroneous numbers. In reality, to achieve a higher thread count manufacturers are generally using a lower grade of cotton that becomes very thin when spun. They then twist this thread around itself to create a ‘multi-ply’ thread. When they use 2-ply thread and weave it to a theoretical 300-thread count (150 horizontal, 150 vertical) they call it a 600-thread count sheet and sell it that way. So imagine that a 4-ply thread is woven as a 200-thread count, but sold as an 800-threat count. A regular ply 300 thread count would feel better and last longer, but most consumers are convinced to always buy a higher thread count. Fortunately, brands are now required to list the thread ply on the package, so when sheets are ‘lustrously woven from 2-ply cotton thread’ as we see at a major department store, people will be highly sceptical.

Don’t Rely On Touch

Common sense dictates you can tell how nice sheets are by touching them, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. Many manufacturers are applying polishes, waxes, and other substances that increase the lustre or soft feel. Unfortunately, they all wash off after a washing or two. Instead, your sheets are of a good quality if they feel better after every subsequent wash. Good quality sheets should also last for years and never pill. If you’re deciding in the store, look at the seams and manufacturing. This won’t always be an easy tell, but if there are threads hanging off or non-uniform stitches, that’s a giveaway that these sheets are not the best. In conclusion, consumers should stop putting so much emphasis on thread count, and put far more emphasis on the quality, softness, and durability of the cotton.

What is Antimicrobial

The term ‘antimicrobial” is defined as “destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, and especially pathogenic microorganisms.” Microorganisms “include bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi, like mold and mildew.” The fibres in the fabric have been infused with microbial-inhibiting silver chloride to eliminate 99.99% bacteria on contact, which will be activated by the body heat to release millions of silver ions to inhibit the bacteria, mould and odours.

Benefits of Antimicrobial Fabric

When it comes to specialty fabrics and the use of antimicrobial features, it’s important to understand that including a pathogen fighting layer of defence prolongs the life of the textile and protects the end user. The primary function of antimicrobials is to help prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from infecting human beings. Keep in mind, microorganisms can live in a fabric and grow. That’s why antimicrobials are so effective -- they prevent the growth and spread of microorganisms within the fabric. Basically, an antimicrobial is applied to a fabric to help fight off pathogens that could potentially infect the user. This means that the antimicrobial is constantly working against microorganisms and not only protecting users, but also prolonging the life of the fabric. That’s why the use of antimicrobial fabrics are increasing and so helpful in the places like hospitals. Remember, the first line of defence starts with a product that does its job. For Fern Fabric®, investing in antimicrobial textiles is one way to ensure the longevity of the fabric and also help keep replacement costs down.

Care Instructions for the Anti-Microbial Fitted Sheets:

  • Gentle machine cold wash with similar colours
  • Do not use bleach
  • Dry Cleanable
  • Tumble dried or line dried
  • No excessive exposure to heat or sun