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Product Chart

Fully Encased Mattress ProtectorSKU & Size (cm)Weight (gram)
SingleFMPS190 x   90 x 251170
Single Deep WallFMPS-D190 x   90 x 351280
King SingleFMPKS203 x 108 x 251400
King Single Deep WallFMPKS-D203 x 108 x 351580
DoubleFMPD190 x 137 x 251420
Double Deep WallFMPD-D190 x 137 x 351580
QueenFMPQ203 x 153 x 251880
Queen Deep WallFMPQ-D203 x 153 x 352040
KingFMPK203 x 183 x 252090
King Deep WallFMPK-D203 x 183 x 352228
Standard Cot SizeFMPC133 x   73 x 13  650
BassinetFMPB  80 x   40 x 25  430
Fitted Mattress ProtectorSKU & Size (cm)Weight (gram)
SingleFFSS190 x   91 x 35760
King SingleFFSKS203 x 108 x 35890
DoubleFFSD190 x 137 x 35980
QueenFFSQ203 x 153 x 351130
KingFFSK203 x 183 x 351340
Standard Cot SizeFFSC133 x   73 x 13  420
BassinetFFSB  80 x   40 x 35  240
Pillow ProtectorSKU & Size (cm)Weight (gram)
StandardFPPS73 x 50  180
KingFPPKS85 x 50  190
EuropeanFPPE65 x 65  210
CotFPPC57 x 39  100
Anti-Microbial Luxury Jacquard CoverletSKU & Size (cm)Weight (gram)
Double650 gsm180 x 2101430
Queen650 gsm210 x 2101830
King650 gsm245 x 2102330
Double850 gsm180 x 2103210
Queen850 gsm210 x 2103730
King850 gsm245 x 2104210
Luxury Knitted Jacquard Mattress ProtectorSKU & Size (cm)Weight (gram)
Cot<40 cm133 x 73650
Single<40 cm190 x 90980
King Single<40 cm203 x 1801130
Double<40 cm190 x 1371460
Queen<40 cm203 x 1531550
King<40 cm203 x 1832220
Duet Striped Anti-Microbial Fitted SheetSKU & Size (cm)Weight (gram)
Double<40 cm190 x 137870
Queen<40 cm203 x 153970
King<40 cm203 x 1831170

Product Care

Q: How often do I need to wash the mattress protector, pillow protector and Fern Coverlet?

A: We recommend that you wash them once every 10 weeks. The normal linen needs to be washed once every week.  Fern quilt is recommended to be washed once every 10 – 12 weeks for normal households use.

Q: What is the best temperature to wash Fern Fabric® products?

A: Warm wash at 60ºC is recommended, as this temperature will kill dust mites allergen.  Fern coverlet however is good to be washed in cold water.  Please always follow the care instruction label on your product.

Q: Should I use the dryer or line-dry the Fern Fabric® products?

A: You can tumble dry between 65ºC to 70ºC. You can also line-dry the products outside in the sun however should not leave them exposed for longer period than required as this could affect product performance.

Q: What should I do if I spill something on my mattress or pillow protector?

A: You can use a dry towel to absorb the excess liquid left on the surface. If it is just clean water, you can leave the mattress protector uncovered from your linen to let its surface air-dried. If you spill something else, please machine wash as quickly as possible while the spillage is still fresh and wet. Proceed with next care instructions as recommended.

Q: I never use mattress or pillow protector before, are they hard to look after?

A: FernProtex™ technology makes it all possible to use the mattress or pillow protectors with easy care. You just have to wash them every 10 weeks with warm 60ºC water and soft detergent, followed by moderate 65ºC – 70ºC tumble dry or line-dry. You do not have to add any softener, bleach or do ironing, as these could damage the FernProtex™ layer. All of our Fern Fabric® products will have 10 years performance guaranteed as long as the care instructions is followed at all times.

Fitting Your Mattress Protector / Encasement


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