FernProtex™ technology: Innovative, Revolutionary, and Unique. FernProtex™ technology is the key to the exceptional performance of Fern Fabric™ which combines a series of outstanding technical and textile properties within a single fabric.

FernProtex™ is a multi-layered fabric technology produced using a unique manufacturing process. The upper layer is made of 100% premium quality cotton terry and has amazing absorbent quality and the second layer is made up of a membrane. The hybrid of these two composites creates a waterproof and breathable layer that forms the monolithic or continuous impermeable layer beneath the fabric. The membrane makes it impossible for any liquid to penetrate through it; thus protects the mattress completely from sweats or any spillages over the surface.

FernProtex™ impermeable layer prevents dust mites allergens from entering the mattress and at the same time prevents the dust mites from the inside of the mattress to be airborne so there is no contact between the allergens and human skin.

This technology is the key to the exceptional performance of Fern Fabric®.

Fern Fabric® has been independently laboratory tested for:

  • Dust Mites & Allergens
  • Waterproofness
  • Breathability
  • Durability

Similar like the mattress and pillow, blanket or quilt is also another place where microbes: bacteria, fungus, viruses & other allergens can flourish. Since they are in direct contact with our skin and very close to our respiratory system, these microbes and allergen will undeniably get inhaled into our body system and create havoc if we happen to be sensitive to these.

Fern Fabric® Anti-Microbial Jacquard Coverlets Sets  are designed as a unique high performing item that strikes a good balance between performance and hygiene protection without compromising the comfort level

Fern Fabric® Anti-Microbial Jacquard Coverlets Sets are made of 2 components:

1.  Anti-Microbial Polyester Filling Fibre

These fibre are treated with active ingredients at the time of its extrusion stage and hence these fibre are inherently having the property of being Anti-Microbial. No additional chemicals are used after this phase. These fibre inhibit the growth of bacteria microbes & fungus hence eradicate the breeding possibility of these allergens & dust-mites to a significant level. Anti-Microbial activity of these fibre are tested under test method ASTME 2149-01, using commonly prevailing types of microbes, fungus and bacteria found in home environment. The results are excellent even after 20 regular home washes.  Our recommended washing is once every 10 to 12 weeks for normal households use.

2.  Micro Polyester Woven Fabric that Has Been Treated for Anti-Microbial

The fabric encasing these fibre is 100% micro polyester fabric and it is equipped with the same Anti-Microbial activity. Unlike any other blankets in the market where only the outer fabric is treated with Anti-Microbial activity, Fern Fabric® Coverlets have been designed with both components able to perform the same Anti-Microbial quality, all from the inside out.

Fern Fabric® Anti-Microbial Jacquard Coverlets Sets Features:

  • Odour and stains occur due to the degradation process by bacterial activity. The absence of microbes in the blanket will result in minimised or none odour produced. The blend of the antimicrobial fibre and treated woven fabric also wicks away moisture so the blanket stays dry and odour free.
  • The combined result of anti-microbial quality will result in keeping the blanket fresh and hygienic for longer duration without going through any excessive washing or cleaning activities. The blanket is in a ‘self-clean mode’.
  • Engineered quilting pattern with maximum 20% hollowness in anti-microbial fibre promotes even heat dissipation throughout and traps significant amount of air between and within the fibre – this result in fluffier and super soft fabric.