ANTI DUST MITE- Fern Fabric® technology creates the monolithic impermeable barrier between dust mites and human skin so they cannot come into contact with the allergy sufferer. No plastic coating and no additional chemical treatment are needed to achieve this protection
WATERPROOF- FernProtex™ technology constructed a monolithic layer beneath the cotton surface which makes it impossible for any liquid to penetrate through it.
BREATHABLE-FernProtex™ fabric structure is built by many micro-spaces inside which enables air pass easily to make fabric more breathable.Cotton terry surface provides superior moisture management and optimum regulation of body temperature.
STRETCHABLE- Fern Fabric® stretchable feature allow an easy application, perfect and comfortable fit on the mattress.The stretchable layer dynamically responds to your motion and boosts air circulation to keep your cool.
HYGIENIC- FernProtex™ technology allows an excellent air circulation and thermal regulation providing freshness and reduces odour. Even after many wash cycles, the Fern Fabric™ preserves all its softness and qualities.
FAST DRY- Fern Fabric® top surface is made up of super absorbent cotton terry which absorbs both water and body perspiration. The loops of the fabric are designed with a large internal surface area in continuous contact with air, resulting in quick dry time to avoid damp and musty odour.
ECO FRIENDLY- Fern Fabric® is made of durable materials designed for demanding applications and generates less waste than conventional (use and throw) alternatives. It helps to reduce the impact of waste on your environment.
EASY CARE-FernProtex™ multilayer fabric is machine washable and recommended to be washed at least once every 10 weeks. Fern Fabric™ can be line or tumble dried with no ironing required to preserve the functional features of the final product.

Fern Fabric™ is designed to last more then 10 years providing care instructions are followed.