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Fern Fabric® - Complete Solutions for Bed Protection

Waking up with itchy skin, a stuffy nose, and repeated sneezing is unpleasant. What, exactly, is making you feel sick? It turns out that DUST MITES are often to blame for much of this misery. We spend a lot of time up close and personal with DUST MITES, considering that we spend between 7 to 9 hours on the bed daily. It is also a common and strong cause for children’s Eczema and Asthma. There are ways to protect yourself and your family. FernProtex™ technology offers a complete bedding protection against Dust Mites Allergens. Fern Fabric™ is comfortable, breathable, stretchable and waterproof. Its structure provides durable, comfortable & hygienic protective barrier against DUST MITES allergens and is also waterproof as FernProtex™ technology forms the monolithic layer beneath the cotton surface which makes it impossible for any liquid to penetrate through it. 100% Premium cotton terry top surface ensures comfort all year around due to its good moisture management process and the fabric minimises friction with the skin which improves the quality of sleep. Fern Fabric® range is available in different options suitable for your needs; Fully Encased Mattress Protectors, Fitted Mattress Protector, Fully Encased Pillow Protectors, Luxury Knit Jacquard Fitted Mattress Protector Set, Anti-Microbial Luxury Jacquard Coverlet Set, Duet Striped Anti-Microbial Fitted Sheets Set.

OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified, Fern Fabric® is free from chemical and is suitable for Eczema and sensitive skin.


Fern Fabric® technology creates the monolithic impermeable barrier between dust mites and human skin.


FernProtex™ technology constructed a monolithic layer beneath the cotton surface which makes it impossible for any liquid to penetrate through it.


FernProtex™ fabric structure is built by many micro-spaces inside which enables air pass easily to make fabric more breathable.


Fern Fabric® stretchable feature allow an easy application, perfect and comfortable fit on the mattress.


100% natural cotton terry surface provides ultra soft feel which is ideal for sensitive skin and designed with a soft luxurious sleeping surface.


Fern Fabric® top surface is made up of super absorbent cotton terry which absorbs both water and body perspiration.


Fern Fabric® is made of durable materials designed for demanding applications and generates less waste than conventional (use & throw) alternatives.


FernProtex™ multilayer fabric is machine washable and recommended to be washed at least once every 10 weeks.

Quality Assurance

All Fern Fabric® products are manufactured with the highest industry standards and independently tested by accredited institutions in Australia and worldwide.

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FernProtex™ technology: Innovative, Revolutionary, and Unique. FernProtex™ technology is the key to the exceptional performance of Fern Fabric® which combines a series of outstanding technical and textile properties within a single fabric.

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Dust Mites Allergy

Millions of people suffer from skin allergy and asthma caused by dust mites. The house dust mites gets its name from its habitat – household dust. The dust mites have been associated with dermatological and respiratory allergies in humans.

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